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Water Tanks: Storing Energy where You Need It Most

Water TankThere may never be a country obsessed with water efficiency more than the Land Down Under. Perhaps this is a reflection of Aussies who want to make the most of the vast living space. Consequently, there may never be a country focused so much on the need for water tanks, prompting the government to enact laws to support its very existence.

Water is Australia

It would be hard not to envy Australia’s success when it comes to water efficiency. Even continental USA is taking a peek, amazed at how much better its water consumption has become over the years.

Recently, in a stunning reveal Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute pointed out how residential water use in SEQ (South East Queensland), Australia drastically dropped to ‘miraculous proportions’. While on the average a Californian would use around 135 gallons of water per day, Queensland homeowners were able to use 70 to 80 gallons per person per day. Truly, the Australian feat on water efficiency is a lesson every country can learn from.

Government at Your Back

Nevertheless, Australia has learned its lessons too. From 1997 to 2009, Australia was in the worst imaginable water crisis in its history as drought ravaged the country, nearly bringing it to its knees. Wanting to reach dramatic changes, government laws were enacted to enable water conservation programs. Thus was born the nifty water tank rebate.

With such a rebate, thousands upon thousands of families took it upon themselves to build dependable water tanks. This allowed them to store precious water conserving it in the process.

With these aggressive government efforts, Rhino Water Tanks notes that water consumption was drastically reduced in SEQ – from over 204,000 households in 2004-2005 into around 53,300 households consuming more than 800 litters per day by June 2008. That’s almost 74% reduction.

Australia not only survived the drought but also has done so in flying colours.

Thanks to a sturdy Australian nation, timely government measures and dependable water tanks.

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