Well Water: Ways to Keep it Potable

Water dropletMonthly bills come, and they always take a huge chunk out of one’s earnings for the month. Your bills often include credit card payments, mortgages, as well as utility bills. Lowering your expenses in any of these payments would mean adding something to your savings, no matter how little.

This is the reason why more and more Park City homeowners are investing in the installation of water wells to serve as an alternative water source. However, Exterra Drilling Services says that a degree of care should be taken when consuming water well. Here are ways you can keep well water potable.

Have it tested

Natural ground water contains bacteria that can be harmful to health. Upon installation, you should have your water tested. The government mandates owners to have their well water tested annually by professional bodies to ensure safety.

Proper test interpretation

Homeowners may misinterpret the results of the test once released from the lab. If there are any doubts about the results of the test, always ask for their proper interpretation and explanation from your local health department.

Protect well from physical contaminants

Bacteria and contaminants are not only found underneath the ground but also above. Make sure to prevent foreign objects from entering your well through installing locks and covers. Only open and expose your well when necessary.

Be observant

Annual testing is not enough. As a homeowner, you should know your home's environmental conditions. In this case, you should know the state of your water resources. If you observe changes in color, texture, consistency, or taste, you should inform the proper authorities immediately.

The use of wells is on the rise as more homeowners see the significant contribution it makes to one’s household, not only financially but also in their daily life. Be a responsible well owner and keep your well water safe for consumption and general use.

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