A microphone in a recording studio

What is Digital Recording and How Has It Affected Music Today?

A microphone in a recording studioGone are the days when reading a book in front of a fire was considered entertainment. Today, there’s such a thing as publisher analytics that makes use of artificial intelligence to predict market performance and target the right audience for a book based on an analysis of its contents. There’s also technology called digital video recorders that enable TV viewers to pause, rewind, and play live TV shows.

But one of the most intriguing additions of technology to the entertainment world is recording music without actual instruments. Here’s a quick look into the world of digital recording and how it’s completely changed music today.

Then and Now

From sound waves to radio waves, to vinyl record bumps, it’s no doubt that people have been finding different ways to convert music into formats that are easier to play and give better sound quality. There are still a good number of vinyl records going around these days, but it’s usually for the collectors or for those who prefer the classic sound of a clicking record.

But as digital technology made its way through different industries, music was one that took a big piece of that pie. Digital audio still prevails up to this day. And it’s through this technology that everyone can now become a musician as long as you have the ear for it.

Digital Recording

With apps like Garageband and Ableton Live, you can now create your drumbeats, guitar licks, vocal tracks, and effects all just using your laptop. These digital audio workstations have presets of thousands of sounds that you can warp, and echo, and apply reverbs and delays to create endless musical possibilities. Plug in a good microphone, and you can record your voice and apply effects to that as well.

Organic music elitists would avoid digital recording as much as possible. But technology’s here to stay, and it’s found ways to work with live instruments just as well as it would with digital ones. But no matter what kind of musician you are, these four words will always be – No music, no life.

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