White beautiful teeth

What Makes A Beautiful Smile

White beautiful teethYour smile is subject to a thousand views and likes; yes, it has evolved from just leaving an impression to creating a digital mark on the internet. From Facebook posts to Instagram selfies, the first thing people will notice from you is your smile and just how beautiful it makes you look.

So what exactly is it that makes a good smile? Other than the way it lifts your face and the aura you exude upon doing so, SmileMakers.co.uk shares with us the elements that we need to achieve.

Straight Teeth

Not only are straight teeth healthier, they are massively more attractive than crooked ones. Having straight teeth will have you compared to the likes of models and movie stars.

If you do not have straight teeth, then you should really consider a straightening procedure, especially if you want a better-looking smile. There are many procedures that can help you achieve that straight smile, and also keep it gleaming white.


While this is not exactly measurable or achievable by any dental procedure, it all comes from the person’s mood.

Having the “Duchenne smile” is the manner of smiling with only your muscles, yet still showing an expression of positive emotion—the kind of smile seen on the Mona Lisa.

Since a smile is supposed to show a happy feeling and a sign of enjoyment, seeing one that is truly genuine not only makes it more attractive, but it makes it more heartfelt.

White Teeth

Your pearly whites greatly add to your smile. Having straight and genuine smiles may be enough, but tainting them with stained teeth may decrease its value and aesthetic appeal.

Unfortunately, many people suffer the same dilemma of having stained teeth from smoking and drinking too much coffee. Fear not, you can still have your teeth whitened and get the stains off them by getting whitening treatments.

Nobody is perfect, but a perfect smile is not totally out of reach. With the right dental care, your teeth may see better days—and you smile even more beautiful ones.

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