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What to Do with a Marriage Turned Cold

He was charming, endearing, and humorous. He remembered your favorite food, movie, and place. Flowers and a romantic dinner marked every anniversary. It seemed like every year as a married couple gets sweeter. And then he changed.

It’s like he doesn’t care anymore. He has given up trying to look good for you. You have to remind him of your anniversary days in advance to make sure he doesn’t have plans with his friends. You deserve better, so here’s what you should do:

Tell Him You Don’t Feel Appreciated Anymore

You see them everywhere–married men who look like they have forgotten their sense of style. They become passive and just agree with whatever their partner decides. While it seems like a dream come true, it’s also something frustrating when you need them to take charge. Sometimes, all it takes is to initiate the talk and tell them what you feel. If they still love you, they’ll make more effort, and you’ll notice it.

Consider Divorce

If they don’t make an effort no matter how much nudging you do, perhaps the spark is gone. When things have reached that point, and you feel lost in the marriage as well, go ahead and look for resources on how to file for divorce. In your state, for example, if you’re from Utah, there might be a dedicated website where you can get information suited to the regulations in the area. Get out of the marriage so you can start a life without shackles and unhappiness.

Go to Marriage Counseling

Some couples want to try but don’t know how. If you and your spouse are in this rut, you need help in the form of counseling. This can fix the relationship or show you just how bad things have gotten that your only choice is to exit. It may be hard to see the problem from the perspective of those involved, but a marriage counselor is in a perfect position in the middle, not too attached to either party.

He may not be the person you married. You don’t have to stay married if things are irreparable. Time to sit down and do some thinking.

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