Driver's Exam

What to Expect and Do During Your Driver’s Exam

One rite of passage to become a full-fledged driver of the road is to pass the driver’s exam. There is no age limit to taking the exam. As long as you pass the examiner’s requirements and are fit and healthy enough, you can see yourself behind the wheel soon.

But once test day finally comes, you might find yourself anxious and nervous. Negative thoughts might swarm your mind and cause you to fail your exam. So, what should you do before the exam itself?

Practice and relax

Obviously, you would need to practice your driving skills. Even a few hours of practice every other day can help freshen up your skills and help with muscle memory for the test.

Make sure you practice in large open areas like parking lots or empty residential streets. This is so you can drive without any distractions or cause any potential accidents. Do not worry, too, because if you were practicing in streets similar to Salt Lake City, then you are in luck as there are auto repair shops available nearby.

You should also have a licensed driver in the car with you to give you tips and pointers. They can point out any mistakes you make and help you correct them.

Another thing that you should do is to relax. Keep yourself busy with other things to keep your mind off the idea of taking a test. For some people, it is the idea of failing that keeps them anxious whenever they are going to take an exam. So remember, relax and do not overthink.


Focus on your driving

A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on their actual scores and what their examiner would think or say. Instead of doing that, you should just focus on your driving on the day of the exam itself.

Do not mind the mistakes that you may have made. Just drive as you would normally drive. If you focus too much on the errors, then you are bound to repeat them, and even create more in the process.

Prepare for the medical and written exam

Driver’s exams also require a written and medical part to ensure that the driver is fully knowledgeable and fit for the road. For the written exam, you must be knowledgeable on the local rules of the road, such as when and where to turn, what certain signs mean, local speed limits, and so on. If you fail this part of the exam, you may not be able to continue to the actual driving test.

For the medical exam, you only need to be present for the exam itself. It will vary from every area, but generally, they will take general medical information, perhaps some urine samples for drug testing, and of course, the eye exam. If you have any ongoing medication or difficulty, it would be best to tell the physician beforehand.

After a few hours, you may or may have already passed the exam and are cleared to go on the road. If you fail, do not worry. Most areas are open to repeat test-takers. Just make sure you do not make the same mistakes.

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