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What you need to know about security steel doors

A security steel door is your best protection against dangerous elements. It is, therefore, necessary to know how to select the most excellent door based on your specific requirements. The following are useful tips on how to choose the steel door that is right for you.

The door must be of excellent quality

Do not be afraid to ask the right questions. Be aware that some businesses would cut corners to save money. Make sure to choose a company that prioritises quality, and one that offers efficient after-sales service.  Similarly, a company must provide a warranty if in case a problem occurs to the product. It is highly advisable to purchase locally to avoid any complications brought by doors purchased overseas.

Know your locks and handles

The locks on the security steel doors from All Steel Security you intend to purchase must not be surface mounted. The body of the lock must be located within the framework of the door or inside a lock box. A decent security door must not have surface-mounted locks as these could be easily destroyed using a basic tool such as a hammer.

Colour is critical

If you are not sure of the colour you want for your steel door, always go for classic hues such as white or black. However, feel free to select unique shades such as orange or red. Make sure though that the security door matches with your roller door.

Know your hinges

Never use a timber door butt hinge. Always utilize a weld-on pin hinge. Hinges must be welded onto the fixing frame which is bolted securely onto the wall. This is critical as an average steel door usually weighs thirty to forty kilograms. Hinges must, therefore, be of great quality.

All in all, choosing decent security steel doors will help save you money in the long run. Do your own research and never tire of asking the right questions before your actual purchase.

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