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Where You Can Scrap Your Car

When a car becomes unusable, you might not know how to dispose of it, especially if you don’t know the rules you have to follow for vehicle scrapping.  Here’s a short guide on how you can scrap your car from the experts at LKM Recycling, in an environmentally responsible manner.

Look For A Scrapping Service

Many metal scrapping services in the UK can help dispose of your old car. Some people also consider giving it away to charity, but many scrap metal facilities are willing to pay for it.

When looking for a scrapyard, make sure they are a registered scrap dealer and ask about how they store client information. You can avoid this last one when you get an agent to do the work.

Follow The Government’s Guidelines

In the UK, cars can only be scrapped at an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). The scrapyard needs a licence from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency or Environment Agency that confirms they are getting rid of the vehicles without damaging the environment and following proper recycling guidelines. Licensed treatment facilities are the only ones that can issue a Certificate of Destruction, so you know where your car ends up. It’s also illegal for them to ask for money in exchange for scrapping your car in England and Wales since October 2013.

Inform The DVLA

The next step is to notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that you’re no longer responsible for the car.  You need to fill up the V5C document to be completed and exchanged for a Certification of Destructions that should be given to you once the car is scrapped. Once it is done, you need to send it to the DVLA. If you have any unused road tax, they’ll refund it to you (you’ll need to fill form V14).

Getting responsible professionals to scrap your card will save you time and even protect the environment.

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