Whitening Your Teeth: Aim for a Natural-Looking Result

Dental Clinic in Highlands RanchWhen your smile is yellow, dull, or stained, teeth whitening procedures and products can brighten its hue. In most cases, improvements to two to three shades are enough to see noticeable changes in your teeth’s color. Note that your goal should be focused on having white teeth that still look natural.

Cosmetic dentistry experts in Highlands Ranch note that the degree of how white your teeth can get will depend on a variety of factors. It may depend on the type of bleaching method used or the level of active ingredients or bleaching agents present in the whitener. Sometimes, your teeth’s natural color and the way you respond to the procedure may also affect the results.

Dentist’s Methods

Laser or light-activated procedures often give the most dramatic results in a shorter amount of time. The only downside, of course, is that it is more expensive than other whitening treatments. There is also a custom mouthpiece made by your dentist. You will need to wear the appliance for several hours a day for about two weeks. It is cheaper than laser whitening, but the results are not immediate.

Over-the-Counter Products

There are also whitening products available in supermarkets and drugstores. While they are more affordable, they have lower concentrations of bleaching agents and active ingredients. This means that produce less dramatic results. Some whitening toothpastes may only remove surface stains, but not actually whiten teeth.

Longevity of Results

The bleaching results may last for a few years, but daily care is important. Those who don’t smoke and don’t drink coffee or tea can enjoy the effect of whitening procedure for up to five years. If you, however, regularly drink coffee, tea, wine, and other teeth-staining foods, you are likely to see changes in your teeth color in a year or so. Touch-up treatments may be required.

It is easy to eliminate stubborn stains and brighten your smile with professional bleaching. If you’re considering a treatment, ask your dentist about the right method that will work well for your situation and budget. It is also important not to be obsessed with whitening, as this can lead to tooth sensitivity.

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