Why Photography is the Second Most Important Wedding Decision

LensWhen couples plan their wedding, people usually say that the reception venue is the most important decision they have to make. However, a close second to that is their choice of photographer. Having the right person to take photos of your special day can mean the difference between a perfect occasion and years of regret.

Why is this one role so important? It might seem trivial when you compare it to catering, the guest list, and everything else a couple has to worry about, but photography plays a huge role in every wedding. This is because memories will eventually fade, and the photos will be the only lasting reminder of how happy the two of you were on that day.

Pictures of the bride walking down the aisle, happy faces of parents and guests, panoramic shots of the gorgeous venue, and the first kiss as a married couple – these are just a few of the photos you will have in your wedding album. No matter what happens, you’ll have a record of every wonderful moment.

The Search for the Right Photographer

How do you find someone who will truly capture the beauty and happiness of the event? Most wedding photographers like Clay Jar Photography have portfolios of their work up on their websites. This is what you should look at first; judge their style, and see how well they fit your preferences.

Recommendations will also help, so try asking your married friends. Who was the photographer on their wedding, and how happy are they with his or her work? This will tell you what to look for, and you’ll know what instructions to give your own photographer.

Take the time to find the perfect photographer who can really create the kind of shots that you want. Don’t settle; look until you find a portfolio that really speaks to you. Even if they charge a little more than the competition, you will thank yourself later on.

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