Worthwhile Car Upgrades in Elevated Utah

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Driving in Utah opens up both problems and possibilities. A few add-ons to your vehicle should solve most of the problems, and a minor modification could have you driving in roads less traveled

Add a Bit of Power

Thinner air will drop your engine’s performance by skewing its air to fuel ratio. While a tune-up can easily take care of your vehicle’s fuel ratio issue, it won’t be performing as well as it would at sea level — especially if it’s an older model. If you want to drive your car at optimum performance — you’ll need to turbocharge it. Turbocharging sucks in air, compresses it, and forces it into the combustion chamber — making up for the thinner air. A turbocharged engine will consume less fuel, produce fewer emissions, and produce more power. However, if you’re driving a new vehicle (less than six years) — it should come equipped with turbocharging.

Get an Extra Set of Eyes


Cameras on your dash and at the back of your car protect you from both scammer and over-eager police officers. Car insurance scammers often target senior drivers — suddenly braking their cars in front of theirs or suddenly veering their cars. Most rear-end collisions are deemed the fault of the rear driver — unless you can prove otherwise with a digital recording. Aside from potential scammers, a digital recording can also serve as proof of an unlawful traffic stop. Police are required to prove their suspicions have merit before flagging a car — so even if you’re coming from a bar or pub, the police can’t stop you unless they see you driving wobbly on the road.

Stop Smoking

Your car already comes with a catalytic converter that reduces particle emissions and pollution — but it takes a bit of time to warm up (which is why idling is better than shutting off your car if you’ll only be using it again in 30 minutes). You can reduce your car’s emissions by fitting it with an exhaust filter or an exhaust kit. Filters physically trap particulates and have been proven to have zero negative effects on a car’s performance. Most exhaust kits come with filters — but they’ll also improve your car’s fuel economy and give it a bit more oomph.

Elevate Your Ride — Literally

Utah is a great place for off-roading — with more than a thousand miles of trails. A lift kit can give your ride a bit of off-roading capability — especially if it’s a jeep or pickup. Utah’s outdoors are some of the best in the country, whether for ATVs, dirtbikes, or 4x4s. Salt Lake City and Provo-Orem have gotten a bit too urban, so a bit of time on rugged trails should do your spirit (and lungs) good. The Zion National park and the Paiute Trails are a great place to start — just make sure not to tackle the more difficult courses without proper training and experience.

Get a bit of protection and make the most of your vehicle on the elevated roads of Utah. Elevate your driving experience with a few upgrades to your car.

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