Bead Roller for metal fabrication

Your Questions About Bead Rollers, Answered

Ever wonder why many everyday machines such as cars, aircraft and heating equipment have those curved and sturdy forms and shapes? Fabrication technologies can engineer metal sheets into many sizes and designs, but what specifically makes many of those shapes are bead rollers (e.g. Baileigh bead rollers).

An Effective Fabrication Tool

A bead roller is fabrication equipment that allows you to form and reinforce metal sheets and pieces for automotive and aeronautical parts and HVAC systems. There are many types of bead rollers, starting from standard, entry-level models to industrial models.

They all come in different throat designs and capacities as well as speeds and electrical configurations. The types of bead rollers include manual, power and pro tools.

  • Manual bead roller. Crank-operated, these types of bead rollers are utilized to make metal pieces stronger before making them rigid components of machines. The steel aluminum rollers can cut aluminum and steel (16- and 18-gauge capacity) themselves.
  • Power bead roller. A power bead roller can fabricate metal sheets in the most efficient way. Designed to do power fabrication, they are time-saving and productive rollers.
  • Pro tools bead roller. This type of bead roller works on all sizes, from small to large metal fabrication projects.

Other supplementary machines to bead rollers include roller dies, rolling kits and rotary-forming machines.

  • Roller dies. Dies improve a bead roller’s efficiency. They shape metals in a specific form.
  • Bead rolling kits. Kits have the task of strengthening metal parts, such as aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Rotary-forming machines. These machines deliver fast and precise forming capacity (i.e. 20-gauge capacity) in the shortest possible time.

Bead rollers strengthen and form metals used in manufacturing of many transport, heating, and cooling machines. They are effective fabrication technologies that make mechanical design work faster and easier.

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