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Your Wedding Video: How to Create Storyline and Concept

Everything about your wedding has to be captured. This is why, on top of a photographer, you’ve hired a video production company to film the celebration. But there is one other part of this romantic story that has to be told. And that is your tale as a couple: the journey from how you met to what persuaded you to walk down the aisle.

But where do you begin?

Create a storyline with a beginning, climax, and finale

When you opt to create an engaging wedding video, it doesn’t have to be an hour-long watch; that might bore guests. It can even be as short as three minutes, like a Youtube video. But it has to have a beginning, middle, and an ending, like any traditional movie.

A usual plot could be touching on how you met, fell in love, and got engaged. Then you can look for important highlights.

Did you go through a major challenge as a couple? How did you surpass it? Take a step back and ask yourselves what made your journey unique and special? Once you’ve determined the answer to these, you can focus on your storyline.

Do you want to highlight the challenge of sustaining your unique relationship? Or how you fell in love with your soul mate? Be meticulous and select only details and highlights that will support your storyline’s focus.

Choose a style and format

Browse some videos for inspiration and choose a style and format that could best tell the events in your storyline. It can be something as simple as a slideshow of photos if you’re pressed for time. Or you can combine photos with reenactment videos. You could also personally tell your story by appearing on your video.

You don’t have to use all the great ideas you’ll find. Pick the best ones for your project to keep it simple but meaningful.

Decide on the theme, mood, and song for your video

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Do you have a theme in mind? Is there a symbolic or visual element — like musical instruments or travel destinations — that should set the tone of the video?

What should your video feel like? Do you want something hilarious and funny? Nostalgic and with lots of old photos? Or something that feels like a feature story on TV? Once you’re sure, go ahead and choose a song (or songs) for your wedding video.

Use words and images to tell your story

Good storytelling does not have to be literal, like reenactments of events in the past. Photographs are powerful storytellers, too. And if you don’t have a photo on your first concert date, you can search online for a poster of the concert or a picture of the musician.

Once you’re done conceptualizing, you can write your script and begin shooting your video.

Inspire your wedding guests by showing a personal video project of your love story. It doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Just create a storyline that’s compelling, choose a compatible video format and style, and use powerful images that remind you of special moments that led to your big day.

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